Sentient Robot showcase new synth-pop single – From the Outset (Your Own Way)

Alternative synth-pop group and mighty Mancunians, Sentient Robot have released their newest track, the uplifting, heart-warming ‘From the Outset’ (Your Own Way) which encourages fans to get up, forget their worries and have a good old fashioned boogie.

Influenced by David Bowie, Talking Heads and REM to name but a few they blend a vast mix of inspirations to create their own unique blend of uplifting and addictive alt synth-pop. Consisting of Nat O’Brian on Vocals, Steve Marsden on guitar, the pair are joined in writing and on stage by a full band of Pete Marshal on Drums, Sam Morris on Bass and Andy Stewardson on Keys.

“The lyrics were inspired by my own experiences as a teen-parent feeling the burden of dogma and expectation from wider society; feeling pressured to be something I could not be. There is a weight from society to know where you are heading in life and to be a success too. This weight and pressure appear increasing constantly, affecting more and more people. For me I think I’ve always had this sense of needing to carve my own path and pursue my own direction, hence the idea of ‘go your own way’ ”– Nat, Sentient Robot


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