Trap artist LegenDerry celebrates the present in ‘Crash’

Trap music lovers are going to be happy with us today for sharing the latest single from Pittsburgh-born LegenDerry. ‘Crash’ is an emotional ballad that taps into trap, hip-hop and pop-punk, sounding something like a mix between Gabriel Black and MICKY. It’s a sound deeply tied into the roots of American music; the birthplace of hip-hop and trap, as well as being a country that refashioned pop and punk to meet its specific musical needs.

It’s even more fitting then that ‘Crash’ is a song about self-acceptance, pursuing your dreams and finding a niche in the world. Below LegenDerry breaks down the meaning of his lyrics and what we find is an artist whose primary concern is appreciating the present moment.

Out now via Nightfall Records, you can stream ‘Crash’ below.

We can crash if you want, till we’re ashes and dust, leave the past where it was means that we can relax, leave the past where it belongs, and kick it until we’re ashes. It’s meant to bring a carefree and beautiful point of view to the chaos happening around us at all times.”- LegenDerry

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