Introducing Australia’s electronic R&B duo Love Level

After making quiet waves with their debut single, Gold Coast duo Aimee Van der Kruik and Juliana Ebert are back with the second track under their joint moniker – Love Level.

‘Bad Bye’ is an impossible-to-resist blend of electronica, indie-pop and R&B. To put it simply, it’s sultry AF. While the original form of this track lay dormant for about a year, Love Level decided to dig it back up with their friend Callum MacDonald of daste. who we featured recently with their remix of JVLY’s ‘tacenda’.

Interestingly for a duo whose friendship is palpable through their music and online presence, ‘Bad Bye’ deals with a toxic friendship and specifically the process of breaking off that connection for the sake of your own emotions. It plays out like the end of a dramatic romance, accentuated by the R&B-influenced melodies and atmospheric electronica. We especially love the breakdown around the 2:10 mark, with the staccato backbeat and warped vocals.

Safe to say, we’re really impressed by Love Level’s latest creation and we hope to hear more from them soon.

“When we first wrote ‘Bad Bye’ we were super unsure about what direction we wanted to take it in, so it remained unfinished for almost a year. We went through phases of hating it and then loving it and then completely changing it, in fact, it was the most indecisive we’ve ever been with a song.We started working on the track with Callum MacDonald of daste. and he had some really cool ideas when he brought them to life, we knew we had to release the song. When you’re in a toxic friendship, it’s so easy to sacrifice your own feelings for the sake of protecting the other person’s feelings. For us, this song is about standing up for yourself and speaking your mind when you’ve stayed silent for so long.” – Love Level

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