Nicole Chambers bares her soul in emotional and heartfelt new single ‘Warm Body.’

Following the success of her previously released single ‘I’m Fine’, jazz-trained vocalist Nicole Chambers returns with her emotional and deeply personal debut album, ‘Voice of a Virgo’.

Three years in the making, ‘Voice of a Virgo’ is the young Canadian’s dazzling entrance into the world of contemporary R&B and neo-soul, offering twelve tracks of heartfelt, soul-baring writing , drizzled in Nicole’s welcoming, syrupy vocals.

As one of the lead singles on the album besides ‘Caution Sign’, ‘Warm Body’ stands out as one of the projects most vulnerable and vocally challenging songs, perfectly showing off Nicole’s many learned technical skills and natural range.

The song begins with a single piano note and Nicole singing “I’m just your warm body.” Her vocals effortlessly climb the scales before being joined by soft piano chords and the first verse, which immediately introduces the theme of the track and carries it all the way through.

With a particular knack for writing about love and relationships, ‘Voice of a Virgo’ is not only Nicole’s musical analysis of her last three years of life, but also a deeply profound and personal retelling of the peaks and troughs of navigating love and heartbreak in your twenties. ‘Warm Body’ in particular will resonate with many listeners; anybody who’s ever felt used, abused and unappreciated by a lover… this song is for you.


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