Gaspar Narby delivers chillwave nostalgia on ‘Sleepless’ feat. LEES

Gaspar Narby has made our chillwave dreams come true with new track ‘Sleepless’ featuring the wallflower vocals of LEES.

What begins as lowtempo indietronica, soon ramps up into an unexpectedly danceable tune in which the Swiss producer flexes his skilled production work. It’s Narby’s ability to convey emotion through those well-crafted beats that really has us stunned.

“Sleepless, the EP’s first single, is the third song I write with LEES. She’s one of my closest friends and such a gifted writer; she just knows how to tell vivid stories through catchy melodies. This song is about the beautiful memories that haunt you, the ones you’d like to forget but never want to let go. It’s an uplifting sad song, basically!”Gaspar Narby

As well as being a great track, ‘Sleepless’ also comes with the announcement of a forthcoming Collab EP, due out later in the year. Watch this space.

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