‘Live A Little’ is the third summer single from Chaz Cardigan

Back in July, we introduced you to Chaz Cardigan with his oxymoronically optimistic ‘Everything’s Wrong’ and now we’re happy to have Chaz back on the pages of PM with new tune ‘Live A Little’.

As ever, the Nashville-Kentucky artist combines punk energy with an irrepressible pop sensibility while uttering his realistic nuggets of life advice, as we hear in the lyrics, “you’ve gotta wake up every morning / see the day is a gift / you gotta check that bucket list / before you go to the crypt… / you gotta live a little bit.”

Photo Credit: Matt Blum

Sharing even more insight into the inspiration behind ‘Live A Little’, Chaz says:

“I write a lot about nuance, grey in-betweens; and ‘Live A Little’ is just straightforward and fun.  It’s a great big golden retriever of a song, I want it to feel like a hug from a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s cool to see it find a home in the promo spot for Tiny World! I’m a total junkie for nature documentaries, and it makes me really happy to think the song is attached to a show that could really inspire kids and adults to look a little closer at the world around us.”

Closing out Chaz Cardigan’s series of summer singles, ‘Live A Little’ is out favourite track yet.

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