PREMIERE: Wankelmut brings new energy to SHAMAÏ’s – ‘BURST’.

Berlin native, Producer & DJ Wankelmut has released a smooth, skill full and utterly sublime remix of SHAMAÏ’s debut tune – ‘Burst’.

Hailing from Morocco, the hugely talented, singer songwriter SHAMAÏ provides his unmistakable, uplifting vocals and euphoric brass, making the perfect playground and ideal backdrop for magic making Wankelmut to expend and explore his creative curiosities. Shining a new light, ‘Burst’ has been injected with a healthy dose of sunshine in this rendition, bringing the tune to life with vibrant, expressive chord progressions, subtle, smooth vocals and a punchy, power-pop energy.

SHAMAÏ declares: “Nothing compares to the love and support I’ve received from women throughout my life. I’m grateful! First I wanted to write a song to pay tribute to them. Then I said to myself: Why wouldn’t you write a dedication to women all over the world? A song that could stay forever! A song that will inspire the next generations!

 ‘Burst’ is a song dedicated to women. Women who struggled or are struggling in life right now. To women going through tough times. Women who doubt themselves, who think they are not enough. Women who think they need men to accomplish their dreams. ‘Burst’ is a hymn to women’s freedom!”

“Out of many current remix requests this one immediately caught my attention and from the first few minutes in my studio, musical ideas for that remix kept coming and coming. The horns work so well with the chorus, which is destined for an instant radio hit. I am very happy with the outcome.“ – Wankelmut.

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