Chaz Cardigan’s new single declares ‘Everything’s Wrong’ but he’s never been better.

Louisville KY born and raised, Chaz Cardigan brings us his latest single ‘Everything’s Wrong’ but unlike the name suggests, declares he has never been better. This newest offering follows his early 2020 EP Vulnerabilia in which he openly and honestly explored his mental health and panic disorder. ‘Everything’s Wrong’ discusses the young artists, post-breakdown life and recovery in an energetic, punk fuelled blast.

It’s an upbeat, punchy, attitude rich tune that displays Chaz’s likeable, cheeky and unquestionably authentic personality. Including gritty, unapologetic lyricism and a catchy chorus, ‘Everything’s Wrong’ is the alt-rock, indie pop tune that we all need to shout/sing along to at times.

“ ‘Everything’s Wrong’ is about not letting a breakdown keep you broken down. There’s liberation in feeling low because things can only get better. On ‘Not OK!’ and ‘S.O.S.’ I’ve been talking about repeating cycles and wanting to break them. ‘Everything’s Wrong’ is what it feels like for a cycle to actually break – to say ‘okay, on to the next thing!’ It’s me saying, ‘I accept the chaos, I accept that everything is always changing. I’m going to ride the dragon and change with everything around me.” – Chaz Cardigan


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