Alex Frew releases angsty pop anthem ‘Antisocial Love Song’.

After storming into the scene with his breakout, debut single earlier this year, Alex frew is back with another angst-filled, teen pop anthem, ‘Antisocial Love Song’ featuring A is for Arrows.

An impressive second single from the young Canadian, ‘Antisocial Love Song’ (ASLS) reveals Frew’s soft and sensitive underbelly as an artist, seeing the 18-year-old expertly explore and unravel his wants, needs and emotions through song.

As a young adult, at the precise age where life should start to make more sense but often doesn’t, Alex finds himself at a crossroads on ASLS, considering two different yet equally appealing options; remaining alone, or attempting to find love.

“This song is very important to me. It took on a new meaning after this global pandemic occurred. It wears its pop music qualities on its sleeve, but it touches on the difficulty of being alone and finding connections with others – a feeling which has only been amplified by the world’s current situation. I can’t wait to release it.”
– Alex frew

With a soft and dreamy musical backdrop, insightful, introspective lyricism and the perfect voice to match; Alex Frew’s ‘Antisocial Love Song’ is the remedy we all need in these trying times.


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