seeyousoon release mega, 14 track debut album – Vidé.

The 9 piece mega group seeyousoon are back and with them, they have finally unveiled their huge, highly anticipated debut album – Vidé.

Consisting of 14 tracks, this project is an incredible testament to the young bands career so far, having already gained recognition by FADER, Colors & Wonderland to name just a few. Their extremely recognisable, catchy genre-fluid brand of music serves up hip-hop, indie and R&B oozing a sophisticated yet fresh musical understanding. A uniquely immersive album from start to finish, you can find the full track list & seep into the captivating realms of seeyousoon‘s – Vidé, below.


  1. See
  2. Ben Affleck
  3. Blue Chord 
  4. Atrophied 
  5. 3001
  6. Steamy 
  7. Shut Up 
  8. Every Time I Die
  9. H8tred Pt1
  10. H8tred Pt 2
  11. ICFWT
  12. 47
  13. Nobis 
  14. VIDÉ

“This is a celebration of the things that make us different. It’s like we’re painting a picture. In color theory, there are three primary colors. In songwriting, it’s similar, because you have happiness, sadness, and anger. Those colors are very easy to paint with. However, we’re trying to paint with as many different colors as possible to tap into more nuanced feelings, which are harder to describe with words. It’s interpretive and meant to transport you somewhere else.” – Seeyousoon.


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