Madison Olds delivers pop-R&B bop ‘3’S a Crowd’

Taking the Occam’s Razor approach to songwriting, Madison Olds knows that sometimes the simplest answer is the right one. Over a lusciously seductive R&B-inspired beat in ‘3’S a Crowd’, Madison flirts with the boundaries of “naughtiness”. She’s direct, she’s honest, she isn’t being polite for the sake of anyone, and she shouldn’t be!

“Similar to ‘Breakup With Your Boyfriend’ by Ariana Grande, it’s about flirting with the idea of being naughty. The song wasn’t meant to be complex or to have too much read into it as it’s a lot about immediate sexual tension and responding to it. The lyrics paint a bit of a messy party with blurred vision, diamonds in champagne and turning a crowd of three people into a party. ”

We love her unbridled confidence and it’s clear that Madison Olds has stepped into herself.

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