Jane calls out the patriarchy with ‘MANCHILD’ prod. Robaroe

New York-based singer, songwriter and producer Jane has teamed up with Leeds-based producer Robaroe for this playfully political song ‘MANCHILD’.

Here Jane tells us how a average love song turned into something special thanks to a little help from some honest friends:

“When George (Robaroe) first sent the instrumental track to me, I wrote a love song. The lyrics were alright, basically just about feeling the giddy excitement of falling for someone (I kept the “Falling, falling”). But I sent a demo with my vocals to my two best friends and they immediately said something along the lines of “Yeah, it’s cute…but don’t you think you could make it a little more interesting? Lyrics are kinda lame.” And as always, they were spot on. Love songs totally aren’t me. So I did a 180 and wrote a song that is a fantasy of meeting and taunting Donald Trump. It’s a radical, bouncy summer song that’s meant to make all crusty, misogynistic, downright-evil old white men quake in their ugly loafers.”

The end result is an electronic-pop tune reminiscent of artists like AlunaGeorge and Mura Masa, with those bouncing and layered beats. Jane brings out her true rebellious spirit to the track calling out the patriarchy through the medium of pop songwriting.

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