Daniel Allan drops tasty new tune ‘Peanut butter’ ft. Perrin Xthona.

Beat maker and quirky producer Daniel Allan has returned and this time he presents us with a nutty little number. Satisfying not only our auditory pallets but also our taste buds as he unleashes bouncy new single ‘Peanut Butter’. In keeping with the name of the track, Allan has yet again made another tune that is the perfect addition to any daily jam and will absolutely be stuck in your head for days.

Oozing with experimental synth lines, fun, off-beat and unusual melodies, all carried together with a catchy, hip hop undertone. Perrin Xthona lends her vocals to lift the track even further and expertly embellishes with smooth vocals and witty lyrics.

Grab your bread, get your plate and chow down on this tasty tune.

Peanut Butter is a song about the ‘honeymoon’ phase of a relationship, where all you want to do is spend as much time with your new person, and you’re clingy in the cutest way. The writing on this track was partly inspired by quarantine; there’s nothing else to do this Summer, so why not chill together every day? It’s the perfect sequel to Insomnia… a version of the story where the late night thoughts and carefulness has turned into spending time together” – Daniel Allan.


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