Chatterbox: Holly Abraham chats Pocahontas, production and kickstarter campaigns.

Hey thanks for talking to us. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

Hey, thanks for inviting me. It’s so good to chat to you guys! So, not many people know that when I was younger, I went through a stage of being obsessed with the Disney film Pocahontas! I was inspired by the freedom and spiritual nature of her warrior princess character, and there was something that really struck me in the concept of two forbidden worlds coming together for the cause of love. (Pretty sure Pocahontas has also been a lowkey influence of growing my hair long too!) When I was around 6, I tried so hard to be like her, I rein-acted the part of the film where she leaps off the giant rock into the water, by jumping off the sofa onto my mum’s blue shiny dressing gown. I actually ended up breaking my arm and having to go to hospital by doing this, but our sofa was grey and looked a bit like a rock through 6 year old eyes, so it totally made sense… No regrets!

What influences have gone into your sound recently?

I’ve always been influenced by artists like Bon Iver and Novo Amor, so I think that kind of mellow, uplifting sound is a huge part of this EP. The last two years have been a real journey for me in production, so like most artists, I’d like to think I’ve started to find my own unique sound along the way. We’re pretty much guaranteed to include some beautiful cello and lap steel in the majority of my tracks now! I have also fallen madly in love with Talos’ music over the last few years, so I’m really inspired by those atmospheric, cinematic vibes. My producer is the lead singer/songwriter of Firewoodisland, so there is usually a little crossover in sounds there too – it works really well because we create unique sounding music whilst having quite similar tastes and ideas!

What are you currently working on?

There has been a lot of prep for the EP release so I’ve mainly been working on that the last month or two. I ran a Kickstarter Campaign back in May to raise the money for Love Will Come to be created, and part of the rewards for backers were handwritten song lyrics for the 5 tracks. We amazingly reached the £2000 target before the deadline, so I’ve spent the last few weeks writing 130 individual sheets by hand, getting the other rewards together and doing a lot of admin and social media stuff. It’s been an absolute pleasure to give back to the people who have so faithfully invested in my music, so now the majority of the hard work is done, I’m looking forward to having a little break! I’ve written a few new tunes during lockdown and still have some unrecorded from before, so once my hand has unravelled again, I’d like to start working on recording and production again in some form – even if it’s just creating rubbish demos with a microphone in my wardrobe whilst the studio is off limits!

What are your current plans for this year? Has the current state of things affected those?

I think the lockdown has been a bit of a mixed bag for me musically. On one hand, I‘ve really appreciated the time and space to focus on songwriting and creativity. For me this has been a beautiful time to rest and heal from a crazy few years, so a few new songs have come out of that headspace which I would like to start recording. I was meant to be hosting a big live show/party on a boat for this release, so I am quite gutted we’ve had to postpone that, but I’m sure it will be even more of a celebration when we are able to do it in the future! I’m really missing playing gigs at the moment and am very sad to be missing festival season, but it’s still been a good opportunity to up my livestream game. At the beginning of lockdown I was using my lampshade as a microphone stand, so it’s been to invest in some new equipment and tech things! I feel so blessed to live in a time where we can connect with each other and still share music online, even in a global pandemic! Whilst I’m unable to record easily or play live, I think my main focus for this time is on songwriting and doing things that don’t need to be in the public eye. I’m hoping by the time the world fully “re-opens”, my introverted time will have produced some well-thought out songs and ideas that will be ready to share again!

Any top tips for getting through this difficult time?

I think if you’re still at home and you normally go out to work, then routine is so crucial! I’ve been thankful to have a little taste of what being self employed full time could be like, but I’ve found I have to be so self disciplined to get that balance between work and rest! Also going outside helps so much – I’ve stayed in my cave for days at a time wondering why I’ve being feeling a bit of lockdown loco – I’ve realised it’s because we need nature and sunlight to still remind us we’re part of something bigger! I’ve also found there is this strange subconscious pressure to “be productive” and “make the most of this time”, but as lockdown has gone on I’ve decided that it’s actually okay for us to just to take it slow and get through each day one at a time, if that’s what we need. This has never happened in our life time, and there’s is no formula for how to do it, so I think we just need to keep being kind to ourselves and those around us, then use any “extra” time we have as an opportunity to rest and re-evaluate what is important to us.


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