Premiere: Two Neighbours drop visual to hard- hitting pop tune – ‘Back Then’.

Knock Knock, who’s there? Two Neighbours have arrived with their newest visual to compliment the recently released, hard hitting pop-banger ‘Back Then’. Detailing themes of modern day romances and the difficulties faced by the current state of things, the duo combine sharp-witted, playful yet poignant lyrics alongside gritty guitar and a pulsating beat. Integrating a reminiscent perspective, ‘Back Then’ adds a fresh new flavour and understanding to the usual concept of nostalgia. A blissful blend of classic pop with an edge of rock embedded throughout, all pulled together by just a touch of electronic production.

Creating the perfect quarantine visual to compliment the essence and underlying theme of the track itself, check out Two Neighbours as they tear it up below.

“This song is about the disappointment I feel with modern romance. Gestures like carving a heart in a tree or sending love letters are replaced by hookups with strangers, online dating, friends with benefits and an overall lack of chivalry and tradition.

The verses discuss how people don’t fantasize anymore about slow dancing, kissing in the rain or marriage. While The chorus suggests that underneath our cynical mental shields we still have this timeless feeling inside that love can happen like it happened back then, full of youthful innocence and energy and wonder” – Two Neighbours.


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