FIERO cover Elliot Smith’s ‘Between The Bars’

There are some artist’s whose music remains timeless up until this day. Elliot Smith is one of those greats. Online you’ll find a plethora recordings where his songs have been covered and now duo FIERO have contributed their own homage.

This ever so dreamy cover of ‘Between The Bars’ drifts between gospel and synth keys, with atmospheric beats and reverb-rich guitars. It’s a hauntingly emotional rendition that shows just how much FIERO respect this songwriter.

Here the two members of FIERO, Joseph Bogan, who’s based in Nashville, and Kelsey Bulkin, who’s based in Los Angeles, share their connection to Elliot Smith’s ‘Between The Bars’.

“Elliott is one of my favorite songwriters. He was such a sensitive soul and I’ve always felt his pain through his songs and vocal performances. I’ve always felt that in this song in particular. His struggle with addiction. His insecurities. His loss of control. My hope is that his fans love our version and can feel that it was created from a place of absolute sincerity to honor
– Joseph

“Between The Bars to me is about the seduction of the past and whatever used to work to cope with pain that doesn’t work anymore. Elliott’s version is soft and intimate. When Joseph had this idea to cover it with a more electric and wide production I imagined singing from above looking down on someone in need of protection and love.” – Kelsey

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