Lex Low returns with self-produced single ‘Feel More’

It’s well known that our childhood experiences leave a long-standing imprint upon us, as we grow into teenagers and then adults. Sometimes it takes years for us to fully process these memories. This is something that Lex Low bravely puts at the heart of his new single ‘Feel More’.

The experience that the London songwriter and producer recounts in this effervescent electronic track is the divorce of his parents, which occured when he was 10 years old. The undulating percussion and playful melodies seem at odds with the pain of Lex Low’s past, although perhaps we could interpret those delicate sounds as the brave face that so many of us put on to go through life with the least amount of resistance.

Yet, there’s certainly tones of melancholy and detachment throughout both the spacey percussion and the artist’s calm vocal performance. It’s raw and vulnerably; exactly as good music should be.

“This song was finished in isolation where I was reflecting on a lot of things, including my early life. It draws on the moment I found out my parents were separating and my father leaving. Lyrics like ‘do you even know this place, the way that dinner tastes’ are references to the increasing amount of time he was spending away from us. I wanted to write a track that felt honest and raw, it’s a snapshot of my emotions at the time – not necessarily the way I still feel. I love both my parents.” – Lex Low

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