The Millennial Club release song made for your sunrise with ‘Coffee in The Morning’

LA- based quartet The Millennial Club (TMC) release Monday morning stirrer, ‘Coffee in The Morning’. Siting their speciality sound as a blend of urban indie-pop, melancholic synths and a blissful dose of nostalgic 90s R&B.

A picturesque pop group, the band emanate playful, youthful exuberance, perfectly translated through their joyful pop hooks and their delicate, soft ballads. Yet also managing to display an impressive maturity, emotional and musical range within their music. TMC‘s lyrics portray an intimate thoughtfulness, fuelled by love and its uncertainties, with vulnerable themes of heartbreak often shared within the verses. They highlight the beauty found in life’s small, quiet, fleeting moments that is often forgotten in the busy, non stop world of today. This song comes as a welcome reminder to stop and appreciate the little things in life, the simple pleasures, even as small as a cup of ‘Coffee In The Morning’.

“‘Coffee In The Morning’ is about the post-honeymoon stage of a relationship. It’s the struggle of feeling like you’re no longer connected the way you once hoped to be; it’s a response to society’s way of making us feel like, ‘If you’re not happy, then move on.’ The song personifies the notion that there are two ways to go about struggle in a relationship: you can decide to walk away, or you can stick it out. The centerpiece of the song — ‘If it was easy, everyone would do it’ — is meant to affirm that everyone encounters hardships and ultimately, there’s reward in working through each other’s differences.” – The Millennial Club 


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