Slow Magic release’s final instalment of three part project ‘Dreams’.

After releasing ‘Dreams’ Pt.1 and Pt.2 earlier this year, Slow Magic has decided that the wait is finally over and has delivered the final puzzle piece to his project, equally as mysterious as the masked producer himself.

The mystifying visionary’s six track work contains a blend of instrumentally driven tracks alongside more lyrically directed songs and features collaborations with Julianne Hope and Evalyn. 

2019 represented a year of significant growth and change for Slow Magic. After breaking the chains of an unfavourable record deal, he finally found himself free to be able to release music again. With this new found freedom, the incandescent producer sees beyond this initial project and recognises this represents a new era entirely.

Over the six tracks, Slow Magic chronicles his rebirth through opulent production elements, overflowing with soundscapes signature to his style. Let ‘Dreams’ drift you away with the swirling melodies and enter the world Slow Magic has created within this final chapter.


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