Jule Vera trades the traditional ‘Deck the Halls’ for a beautiful rendition of the popular carol.

To take a traditional well known Christmas carol, covered countless times before and effortlessly put a fresh, quirky, beautiful new spin on it is no mean feat. Yet Jule Vera has managed to do just that, in the most elegant and uncomplicated fashion, whilst still managing to keep the true essence of the carol. Her minor version of ‘Deck the Halls’, simply put, is really rather special.

Caressed in angelically soft vocals, fused with folk, a dash of Billie Eilish and plucked with Jule’s signature ukulele, this is a cover more than worthy of your Christmas holiday playlists.

Jule Vera is a young female-fronted alternative band from Alabama. Influenced by the likes of The Killers, Queen, and No Doubt. Since starting in 2013 they have played with artists including American Authors, Our Last Night, Nevershoutnever, Wild Cub, and have toured throughout Europe and USA multiple times. In 2014 they won Best Emerging Artist at Summerfest in Milwaukee and are listed as one of Alternative Press’ “100 Bands You Need to Know”.

They are currently working in the studio on their second full-length album.


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