ATTLAS unveils final 6 minute offering of the year, ‘Sinner Complicated’.

‘Sinner Complicated’ is both the final release from producer ATTLAS this year and a sneak peak of what is to come, as this is also the first single from his upcoming debut album, delicately named ‘Lavender God.’

‘Sinner Complicated’ is accompanied by a 6 minute long visual and delivers as a stunning, progressive instalment from the Canadian. A slow burning, synergistic synth work that entices with incredible intricacy and attention to detail. Powerfully building into full blissful ignition, this piece encompasses wistful crescendoing melodies, which empty out into a wondrous world of soundscapes that is undoubtedly ATTLAS’s signature sound. A track that continues to marvel with its evolution, as the waves of symphonies collide, creating an undefined musical atmosphere.

The otherworldly 3D motion graphic video that accompanies this tune sends the viewer deep into the minds eye, taking the viewer on a super sonic journey through the “psychotomimetic patterned colour ways.”

“‘Sinner Complicated’ is a textured and atmospheric roller that progresses with narrative intention from the beginning. It’s a good first introduction to the album as well – the melodies through both the track and album are much more a result of live performance, and the arrangements let their energies ebb and flow with an almost restless spirit. Freedom and the grand mystery are the themes that drove me throughout the process.” – ATTLAS


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