Blunes wanna ‘Rendezvous’ with you in dreamy new number.

New Danish dream-hop duo Blunes release newest number ‘Rendezvous’. The unlikely pair have crafted a beautiful, dream- hop sound from the combination and collision of both their individual approaches to music and the creative process. Blending an eclectic mix of Jazzy pop-songwriting, hard hitting hip hop, electronic production elements, day dreamy textures and fantasy filled lyrics altogether, they have stumbled onto a recipe of pure delight.

This first single from the pair is justifiably jazzy with a definitive groove, featuring flecks of pop and lyricism which envisions escapism. The song paints the picture of a place free from the responsibilities of our realities, disappearing from the norm, every day life and fleeing to some far off fantasia with the one you love. A day dream we can all clearly envision and relate to. (Particularly in this cold weather!)

Close your eyes, and let Blunes whisk you away with this wondrous winter warmer…


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