Tasty trio Ay Wing x Chuuwee x Shuko release juicy new offering ‘Orange Dreamer.’

Berlin- based Ay-Wing partners up with American hip-hop artist Chuuwee and German- born producer Shuko in this newest colourful offering, ‘Orange Dreamer’.

The trio make for a serious triple threat, covering all the bases in this enticing, luminescent, Neo-soul number. Layered with beautiful celestial vocals, sensual synths, and a strong bass line that carry this tune all the way, everywhere you want it it to go.

Complimented by a hazy, fashion filtered dream-like visual, it displays the essence of Ay Wings artistic intuition. Pictured in a mystical forest, straight from the pages of a fairy tale, the video features fluid contemporary dance moves performed in a cloud of smoke. The ethereal nature of the video matches perfectly with the ambience of the track and makes for a truly paradisiacal contribution.

“I wrote the song when I was recovering from my last tour. The song is about getting back to and finding myself. My friend once told me that he always sees the color orange when I’m with him, so it seems to be my color… [Yotam] joined us for the second filming day. We shot the entire video outside and we were really lucky to find ourselves with the natural fog in the twilight scene. It was a truly mystical moment and it fit perfectly to the song,” – Ay Wing.


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