whattodo has arrived with debut electronic single ‘ugogirl’.

Who is whattodo? A question that may still be left unanswered for a little longer as this mysterious artist has emerged onto the scene. Simmering away in the background whattodo has been producing and songwriting with uncountable artists over the past few years. Honing his skills, and solidifying a cohesive yet eclectic sound, whattodo has finally entered the foreground and is ready to show you all the magic that this intriguing artist has been creating.

With this new single ‘ugogirl’ and forthcoming EP, whattodo embraces his organic journey through self and sound and is ready to invite the world in to take a peak. Sharing an odyssey of personal discovery, exploration of gender, growth and reflection through an intimate artwork of songs. Prepare for even more vulnerability and a whole lot more mystery as we partake in this musical courtship and slowly, but surely get to know this captivating and enticingly curious artist.

whattodo’s EP, changeinforms is being released in January 2020.

“It being the final and bookending track on the upcoming EP, ‘ugogirl’ seeks to deal with me coming to terms with myself and just accepting whatever is. It’s been quite demanding, emotionally, finishing this project, so me having Milkraid and capital F Friends around me during the process has meant everything and more..” – whattodo



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