Asha Gold releases R&B self confidence booster ‘Too Good’.

19-year-old West Londoner Asha Gold releases ‘Too Good’, an ode to self confidence and a welcome reminder as we head in to 2020, to always have your own back. A song that many will be able to relate to in one way or another, its sophisticatedly penned for such a young artist, showing experience and wisdom beyond her years.

Her smooth and compelling vocals, matched with production that is vivacious and vibrant, is a recipe made for pure delight. Asha Gold draws you in charismatically with her intuition for beat-led R&B and leaves your ears wanting more from this unique and rare artist.

In a society where we are often told we are not enough, Asha Gold is standing at the forefront with a message and an anthem to declare to the masses that we are more than enough and in fact, we are ‘Too Good’.

“Too Good can resonate with people facing any sort of decision – it’s a positive song about backing yourself even when it feels like others don’t. I had to laugh at the situation in the end, and say “I’m too good to be having sleepless nights about this”, it’s going to work out.” – Asha Gold.


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