Experience the expansive imagination of Conal Kelly’s chill-pop track ‘In My Head’

This is the first time that we’ve featured Bristol-based musician Conal Kelly and we’re very glad that we are. His fiery sound is a tonic to the mundanity of lockdown Britain and it’s almost hard to believe that ‘In My Head’ was even produced in the UK.

There’s a California chill-pop vibe that we love, like it was made right by the beach, but also with a fresh production akin to our Australian cousins. What might surprise you is that this is indeed a bedroom production, although for anyone who has come across Conal Kelly before, this won’t be. For example, his debut 6-track offering, which is a collection of covers recorded and produced in 24 hours. No biggie.

Giving a little more insight into what exactly happened behind-the-scenes when making ‘In My Head’, Conal has this to say:

“The writing and recording of this track was a real learning curve for me. My usual ‘music making process’ can get quite in-depth, since it’s just me doing all of the writing and recording. In this instance, I tried to push myself out of my comfort zone to avoid falling into old habits… I feel like this track best showcases my attempt at a fresh approach as a solo artist, so made sense to lead with it as a debut single. I’m super happy with the way it turned out and I think it serves as a good introduction.”

Well we can’t wait to hear what else Conal Kelly‘s expansive imagination will come up with next.

Follow Conal Kelly on Instagram.

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