9-piece band seeyousoon unveil second single ‘ICFWT’.

Florida based 9-piece band seeyousoon have released their second single ‘ICFWT’ an exemplary follow up from their debut tune ‘Steamy’.

Intricately crafted, containing multiple layers that skilfully merge and intertwine throughout, this tune is jam packed with influences ranging across the board of genres, including hip-hop to indie R&B and rap.

The nine members: Ignacio, Kenny, Denny, Maddie, Josh, Dre, Drex, Luke, and Mitch- formed back in 2018 and instantly bonded over a shared love of diverse artists, from Jadakiss to Volta and everything in between.

To be able to create a balanced mix of various influences and styles, without each individual element fighting for attention is no easy feat, but seeyousoon seem to achieve this with flare, ease and innovation. Now, armed with an arsenal of tunes under their belt, the band are prepped to aim and ready to fire in the form of debut album VIDÈ to be released later this year.

“ICFWT is simultaneously a question and a call to action. The song is meant to ask the listener to release themselves from the chains that bind them to the past, plant both feet in the present day and look bravely to the future. It is our hope that anyone who listens is willing to look at the scars and bruises that paint their skin in celebration, and not with regret.” – seeyousoon


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