Rapta releases new wavy single ‘Seasick’.

Boston producer and vocalist Rapta has returned with new, wavy single – ‘Seasick.’ Another tune which reflects the young artists vast array of influences, such as Travis Scott, Post Malone and Young Thug, this is the third single from a run of releases already this year after ‘Farewell’ and ‘Energy Therapy’. Showcasing not only Rapta’s talent, but also his motivation, work ethic and unwavering drive. He uses his success as an incentive to fuel his overall creative ambition.

Featuring silky yet futuristic vocals and ethereal, cosmic background production, Rapta lays down subtly sensitive and sentimental bars alongside a sweet, youthful vocal timbre.

Seasick was inspired by my constant flux of emotions due to uncertainty. The title serves as a metaphor for the way the record makes you feel and the way I personally felt in the process of making it. The song breeds a trilogy taking the listener on an experience of ups and downs; there are three entirely different moods and perspectives in each of the parts.’’ – Rapta



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