Rozelle return with melodic-pop tune ‘Get Out Alive’.

Following on from the success of the last two singles, the beaming, bracing, Brighton band Rozelle are all set for their third release ‘Get Out Alive.’

This newest offering leans to a more pop-felt flavour and uplifting nature overall in comparison to ‘Searching For A Revolution’ and ‘Discovery’, whilst lyrically exploring thoughts and reflections of threat, danger and regret.

Interestingly, this tune is written from the perspective of a character who cannot seem to escape the hand they are dealt with. Featuring haunting, tuneful vocals, dreamlike synths and building to an epic and euphoric chorus, ‘Get Out Alive’ unearths a new side to the diverse and multi talented Rozelle, showcasing their musicality and adaptability even further.


“Originally inspired by the story of Pablo Escobar, the track is written from the perspective of a character who can’t seem to escape the bad situations they’re dealt with. Someone who is both comforted and afraid by the darkness they experience. A bittersweet story”. – Rozelle


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