‘Still Moving’ is the motivational indie-pop bop from Ruben Dawnson’s debut EP, Echo Emotions

First we were intrigued by ‘FYALMA’, then we were enamored by ‘SAYIMGOOD’ and now we’re head-over-heels with Ruben Dawnson’s latest track ‘Still Moving’. Well.. it’s technically one of many new tunes, but we love the positive vibes so much that we had to make this one the star of the show for us.

‘Still Moving’ has everything we love about Dawnson: hazy-pop melodies, a shuffling rhythm, lofi texures, intimate lyrics and the catchiest hooks in town. This is also his first collaborative track, featuring the delicate tones of singer Hannah Jadagu.

In total, the young Norwegian up-and-comer has created six sublimely alternative-pop songs for his Echo Emotions EP, which you should definitely listen to.





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