Ruben Dawnson is back with lofi indie-pop tune ‘SAYIMGOOD’

There’s an undeniable energy that Ruben Dawnson delivers each time in his tracks. Whether that’s the anti-anxiety anthem ‘FYALMA’ or his new introspective single ‘SAYIMGOOD’. Set on irresistible pop lines, the track is flush with texture and living tones thanks to Dawnson’s distinct bedroom production, which serves to highlight the Norwegian creative’s honest words, skilled guitar work and knack for toe-tapping rhtyhms.

There are also moments of brevity here, providing space for both the songwriter and listener to look inwards where they may hold questions around self-worth, split between love and criticism.

Sharing his thoughts on ‘SAYIMGOOD’, Ruben says:

“this song, like the whole ep, is very introspective. it revolves around the feeling of not being in a healthy state. it switches back and forth between singing to myself in third person, and from myself in first person – which symbolizes a certain duality and disorientation. self love and self criticism.”

Both ‘SAYIMGOOD’ and ‘FYALMA’ will feature on Ruben Dawnson’s debut EP, Echo Emotions, set to appear on May 8th. Watch this space.





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