updog release’s sky rocketing new single ‘spearhead’.

Cranking up the volume and sky rocketing into space is artist updog, with his newest single ‘spearhead’. Overflowing with explosive, electro-rock, the track kicks off with an infectious guitar riff and is expertly layered with punchy, catchy vocals. Fuelled with a driving energy and pacing tempo, the cherries on top of this tune are the extremely tasty guitar solos. A tune promoting positivity and power in facing up to your perceived flaws and insecurities, this it the perfect soundtrack to get your day off to a flying start.

Announcing ‘balloon boy’ as his forthcoming EP being released later this year, updog is making sure you are suitably fulfilled and topped up with that moorish rocky goodness.


“It’s pretty much a fight with myself; I’m going back and forth with my inner devil vs angel. In this case, spearhead is just a metaphor for how your inner demons tend to ‘spearhead’ your life choices and decisions”.

“The whole process was so fun, quick and effortless to write; especially going back to my early ‘classic rock’ inspired roots”. – updog


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