‘Dead or Alive’ is the energetic pop hit from Swedish duo The Endorphins

Doused in plentiful RnB, pop and dancefloor-ready beats, The Endorphins‘ ‘Dead Or Alive’ is undoubtedly our favourite new weekend anthem. It’s full of that turn up, go out energy that we’re sometimes lacking after a long week of work or school, so that alone makes this track a winner.

The meaning behind the song is equally one of liberation, although of a different kind… as The Endorphins tell us:

“Written on a Stockholm city beach, on the hottest day of summer, we started reflecting on our life and came up with a track about this society working against individuality and freedom of self expression.”

If, like us, this is your first time hearing of the Swedish sibling duo, then be sure to follow their socials linked below. We hear on the grapevine, there’s more music coming soon!





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