Watch Ruben Dawnson’s video for indie-pop gem ‘FYALMA’

In the new video for Ruben Dawnson’s ‘FYALMA’, we’re running with the young producer away from our problems. It’s part-liberation, part-escapism, which for us is also exactly why we listen to music – it’s all about stepping outside your mind, even if that’s just for three minutes and eighteen seconds.

We really couldn’t sum up this video better than Ruben himself:

“The video builds on the theme of the song and symbolizes the idea of running from something that doesn’t even really exist, maybe even running from yourself in a way, or running from a certain aspect of yourself. It’s confusing and at times distorted, and you can’t seem to get anywhere. The switch up in the end hints at something else further down the line, a hidden message…”

Watch this simple-yet-effective video below.





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