NEY LIQA makes dynamic 2020 debut with single ‘LIE’ ft the familiar whattodo.

Introducing NEY LIQA, a name to remember and one that isn’t easy to forget, as she debuts her first 2020 single ‘LIE’, ft whattodo.  The Swedish producer, vocalist and songwriter has catapulted onto the scene with the utterly captivating ‘LIE’, oozing with an artistic, edgy and urban energy she exquisitely emanates.

The true definition of an artiste, NEY LIQA is also a mixed media mega-babe who not only designs and makes her own artwork but also creates all her videos and beats. Having released her first EP ‘Carnation’ back in 2019, ‘LIE’ symbolises a new step for NEY as she embarks on a synergistic journey working alongside multidimensional indie music label – MilkRaid. ‘LIE’ features the familiar dulcet tones, mystique and the effortlessly cool, collaborative nature of whattodo who is also signed to the label.

Check out the fierce promo video below:

“LIE came to in a little backwards way…My brother and I like to make video, and when I was in Stockholm for a weekend, we decided to shoot a music video. Only problem was that we didn’t have a song. So I kind of imagined this manga, which we then essentially shot like a live action remake trailer. After we filmed a bunch of things I had to make a song to the trailer, so I started making “LIE”. I ended up liking it so much that it became much longer than the footage we had. I’ve also always wanted to do a duet with whattodo. So I sent the song over to him and asked if he wanted to do a second verse. He did and tada, there we have it. LIE” – NEY LIQA.


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