PREMIERE: whattodo brings the 2020 vision with debut EP ‘changeinform’.

After his debut single release in December, whattodo is back and is showing no signs of stopping. Just three weeks into the New Year, today he drops his four-track, debut EP ‘changeinform’ and is bringing the 2020 vision to the table.

The first single, ‘ugogirl’ gave us a taste of what was to come and now dinner is served with this carefully crafted, deliciously moreish electronic EP.

Exploring themes of gender expression, exploration, growth, change and acceptance alongside his hometown roots, each song is connective yet stands alone as its own entity. Every track, an odyssey into a self projected universe, encapsulated within the parameters of sound. These themes additionally infuse with multiple inspirations, from all manner of things such as reflective surfaces, filters, euphoria/dysphoria to name but a few.

With each tune emanating its own mood entirely whattodo intimately shares his intentions via melodic ambient vocals, vulnerable lyrics, electronic production elements and sublime synths. An artistic collection of raw and frustrated material that aims to be relatable, transparent and honest.

So sit back, and devour this genre blending EP experience, as piece by piece, whattodo lets us journey even deeper into his elusive world.

‘changeinform’ available on all major online platforms now.

“The EP is a decision, an action, a creation on a cramped feeling, a forcing of myself to embrace a transformation of selves. It deals with everything that comes with it in realtime and in the open. It’s messy & frustrated. All topped off with 1920’s art references and dogs crying in their sleep.”- whattodo


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