boyanlevchev rockets into the New Year with newest music video for ‘Like A Fool’ ft. BYFYN.

boyanlevchev kick starts 2020 with the music video for his recently released track Like ‘A Fool’, ft. BYFYN. Having recently been hailed by NOISEY as “some fit American dude” with “creamy adlibs” this newest instalment gives you more than just satisfying, urban aesthetics. He pairs this delectable new visual with canny and keen songwriting, dusted off with directive, honed hip-hop awareness and appreciation.

This single is part of a collective 9- track LP, ‘The Mist Opportunity’. With his Bulgarian heritage blooming and brooding throughout, the album has been named the “brainchild of sleazy pop and Romani-folk that prevails in Eastern Europe, as well as the Kanye’s and 3000’s of this world” which is clearly presented and detailed within the music.

These interesting and wildly rooted influences entwine and equate to a rather unique and intriguing listen from beginning to end. The album is mischievous, cheeky, dynamic and makes for a potent mixture of just the right amount of vanity, arrogance, love and self-deceit that is curiously refreshing.

“My mom really likes Like A Fool. When I made it, she gushed and insisted that I give it to Justin Bieber to perform it – I guess she thought it could be the new Despacito? Or perhaps she was hinting that I’m not a good enough singer for my own music… Well, I got my close friend and popping star BYFYN to tenderly lay some lush vocals on top, so the singing bit is covered. Now I just have to give Bieber a call, and get a billion views on YouTube..” – Boyanlevchev.\


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