JOYRYDE releases ‘THRILL’ing visual off album – BRAVE, featuring late leading actor and friend.

Off the back of his recently released, mega album BRAVE, – producer JOYRYDE presents us with a truly movie-like visual for the track ‘THRILL’ which does exactly as the name suggests. In partnership with James Mackel and HARD Records, JOYRYDE himself, also popped his directorial cap on and took a hands on approach to create a video representation of this hard hitting tune.

The track’s sinister and eerie atmosphere ties perfectly with the artists brand as viewers are treated to an exhilarating short film. Tragically, the leading actor for the video, Rob Lyfe passed away and JOYRYDE left this message to his fans,

About 6 months ago Rob tragically died. It was the most devastating moment in our lives. I still can’t believe it. He was the most alive person I’ve ever met. We became childhood friends within minutes. This started out as a music video, but ended up being a huge life event for me and for many others. I’m so proud of it and so grateful to everyone who helped bring it to life.”

Since 2016, JOYRYDE has featured heavily in the dance music realm. Influenced by his roots in the UK, the producer has brought his own unique and signature style to not only the worlds of fashion but also directing, and production design. Musically, a culmination of many tastes and flavours including UK bass, grime, hip-hop, trap, and house. His mission is taking club music to newer heights and his efforts have granted him multiple headlining tours as well as multiple festival performances at HARD Summer, EDC, Lollapalooza, and Ultra Music Festival.


Check out the visual for THRILL below:

“Over 4 days I made friends I didn’t know I needed. It adjusted my life and ambition for creating the video. Rob and Melian are the stars. They made this video what it is and I’m so amazingly grateful for the whole experience. ” – JOYRYDE


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