Dani Saldo debuts 21st birthday pop single ‘Friends Don’t’.

Filipino born, Canadian living, singer-songwriter Dani Saldo presents her debut single ‘Friends Don’t’ and she shares this with us on none other than her 21st Birthday! What a memorable way to release her first single and what an absolute pop banger it is.

‘Friends Don’t’ is a dance infused, synth-fuelled tune, with some seriously catchy hooks embedded throughout. Dani’s soft, commercial vocals are perfectly suited for mainstream success and this single screams for repeated radio play. Oozing with lyrical content that is open and honestly relatable, it is as though each line has been lifted from the pages of a intimately written diary, as the young artist effortlessly laments on love and self-discovery, daintily dusted off with a knowing nostalgia.

Citing her artistic influences as Julia Michaels, Joji, Lorde and LANY to name but a few, Dani creates and reflects her own version of their easy-going lyricism. Fascinated by
the nature of daydreams, Dani often explores the space in the mind that is sacredly reserved for longing and escapism. A wonderland of ‘what if’s’ is her go to playground of enchantment when it comes to songwriting.

Keep up with her as she continues to sift and decipher through the ever-evolving puzzle pieces of life, leading up to her debut EP release ‘Heartache’ towards the end of this year.

“I really wanted this song to sound like the dreamy little suburbia I grew up in. As if by listening to it, you could be transported there. I had this image of creating sounds that reminded me of biking to high school, seeing the blue sky alongside the townhouses as I passed by. There’s a key jingle in the second verse that pays homage to all the late night drives my friends and I would go on, talking about our dreams and aspirations.” – Dani Saldo.


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