Jill Blutt explores being left in the dark with latest release ‘Nancy Drew’.

Jill Blutt’s new song ‘Nancy Drew’ cleverly flirts with themes from the 1930’s old school detective novels. Sharing a similar deep, delectable vocal tone with the likes of Lana Del Ray, Jill combines this with a Billie Eilish level of freshness. Noting her influences as vast and across multiple genres, one album that helped her to find her sound was ‘Leaving by Corbin’, then known as Spooky Black. 

The fluidity in Jills vocal oozes a calm, cool, confidence and is backed up by a strong encompassing drumbeat. This tune tips towards a new experimental era of female made music.


‘Nancy Drew’ is one of five tracks featured on her debut EP Snakes and Ladders. A real “Jill of all trades” she not only wrote, produced and recorded the EP herself, she also designed the artwork. 

” This project has also let me embrace pop-punk and lofi hip-hop influences–two genres I have an appreciation for despite thinking they’re corny, lol. I decided recently there’s nothing wrong with being a little corny. Lyrically, Nancy Drew is about being kept in the dark and having to put clues together to guess where someone’s head is at.” – Jill Blutt.






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