The Planetoids release new song ‘Your body’ as an 80’s Indie Pop triumph highlighting societal pressure.

The Planetoids: “small celestial bodies that orbit the sun”…but on Earth are known as the otherworldly four-piece band haling from Hannover. Combining the sounds of Indie, Disco and Pop, complete with a sprinkle of retro sparkle .

Their newest track ‘Your Body’ is reminiscent of times gone by with an equally era-esque music video which is quirky, fun and wonderfully wacky. Promoting an “ode to independence and equality”, it conveys a relatable and relevant message, in a unique and clever way. 

Featuring Tame Impala flavoured guitars, dreamlike vocals and carefully layered harmonies which are superbly satisfying. This groovy little tune will have you bopping along, whether or not you are pushing a pram.

The choice is yours. 


“Your Body” by The Planetoids is a song about freedom of choice and self-love. The video addresses a problem that most women over the age of 25 have been confronted with at some point in their lives: Being pressured into having children – a very personal decision, that’s nobody’s business but your own.” – The Planetoids.

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