Edwin Rosen storms into 2022 with synth-wave wonder ‘Vertigo’

Electronic producer, artist, singer and songwriter Edwin Rosen has begun 2022 with an almighty bang, making waves from the get go, he reveals his first single of the year ‘Vertigo’. Having only begun his musical career in 2020, Edwin Rosen’s trajectory has taken off at light speed, blink and he’ll jet right past you. With a plethora of singles and as of late 2021 a debut EP firmly under his belt he boasts an impressive 13 million streams for his debut single ‘Leichter//kälter’.

Master of the synth world, Edwins music is dark, alluring and dripping with 80’s style nostalgia but with an edgy new twist. Having sold out his first tour last year within 20 minutes, he is now embarking on his second sold out tour of 18 dates based in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Taking the German underground wave music scene completely by storm, Edwin has amassed a cult like following. First Germany, then the world, the sky really is the limit for this incredibly exciting artist.

“Vertigo is a song about the feeling, when everything seems to be spiraling out of control, when it’s hard to tell if time is moving fast or slow and how one person can be the thing that makes all of it stop. It’s a song about holding on to exactly that.” – Edwin

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