‘Personal Space’ is the groove-driven new single from emerging pop duo Petrie

If you fancy a glass of the full bodied white with hints of disco and synth-pop, you’re in luck. ‘Personal Space’ is the groove-driven new single from emerging pop duo Petrie. Built on a rhythmic bass line and sun-soaked synths, it’s the perfect encapsulation of  hazy summer nights. The track opens up into a head-bopping chorus, narrating the highs and lows of a budding relationship. Fresh off their sold out show at London’s Moth Club, the pair are going from strength to strength; with their album ‘Superstore’ impressing listeners and curators alike. Oh, and props for my favourite pre-chorus lyric of 2019, “If I could teleport over there / Pinot Grigiover there”.

“When u adore each other but you’re big babies who couldn’t possibly share living quarters. Personal Space is that, distilled through disco and some hazy, squelchy, yearning synths n keys. It also has a bassline that won’t quit, a smear of excitable ad-libs and a healthy dose of self-evaluation all soaked in delicious off-licence wine. I’m rooting for you babe xxx”


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