American dream-pop pair Tiny Deaths deliver stripped down majesty on ‘The Magic Acoustic Sessions

American dream-pop pair ‘Tiny Deaths’ deliver stripped down majesty on ‘The Magic Acoustic Sessions’. They are a stylistic collision of sorts, with producer Grant Cutler coming from an ambient electronic background and vocalist Claire De Lune having a history in R&B. The acoustic versions of their recent EP are beguiling, with the songs taking center stage; De Lune accompanies herself on guitar, allowing the melodies to ring out unencumbered. The performances are emotive and rich with feeling, this is not one to miss.

“This was the title track off our last album, “Magic.” We decided to release an EP of stripped down versions of some of the songs with just myself singing and playing them on guitar. Magic is the most special to me of any song I’ve written.  It is about Gen Z and how amazing they are and how even though the world is chaotic and awful right now, it’s THEIRS. And it’s in good hands. I wanted to write a youth anthem for scary times, and tell them I see them and I hear them and I believe in them.”


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