Sonny Santos and Billie Marten stun on dreamlike visuals for their new single ‘Swear 2 g-d’

Sonny Santos and Billie Marten stun on dreamlike visuals for their new single ‘Swear 2 g-d’. Satisfyingly melancholic, the track trades on a nostalgia-tinged, guitar-led sound; a restrained beat adds rhythmic intensity, rolling underneath the pair’s effortless harmonies. The vocal blend is seamless, conveying the emotional narrative with ease. It touches on the regular, every day moments that lead to two people becoming undeniably intertwined.

“The video is just me and my girlfriend wandering around. I met her when I was on a flight back to Spain from NY and she was the flight attendant. We’ve fallen in love and I’ve been flying around the world to see her when I can and documenting the times on an old Super 8 camera my friend gave me.” – Cristian Bravo (Director)

I reached out to Billie on a whim after discovering her music shortly before. I remember being in the mountains of Spain in winter listening to her tunes and really digging them, they seemed to speak to my mindset at the time. I didn’t know her nor expect to ever hear back from her. It was just reaching out on a whim. Surprisingly, not only did she respond but said she’d heard of my music and liked it and would love to do it. We rehearsed for a couple hours at a rehearsal space in London with Matt and Nick and recorded it the next day. She was great. It was really simple. I remain a big fan.” – Sonny Santos

Sonny Santos
Bille Marten

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