Sweden-based duo lennixx return with a reinvented sound in new mixtape ‘hapap’

Swedish duo lennixx return with their new mixtape ‘hapap‘ with a reinvented, maturer sound since their debut single ‘Always On My Mind‘. With their artistry still in the developing stages, lennixx are cultivating their new identity towards a kind of mix between introspective bedroom-poetry as well as songs that are being created during late nights. The EP is comprised of sumptuous synths, soulful vocals and stunning lyricism drenched in masterful, brooding literature.



The duo is made up of 18-year old Hanna Larsson, sister of Zara Larsson, and 20-year old Andrea Kallström. The two met for the first time when they were 10 and 12 at a dance school in Stockholm. Their shared interest and talent for performing as well as singing brought the two girls together and a close friendship flourished from the duos aptitude for creating music.

“The mixtape is all about realisations. During this whole process we have grown a lot as individuals and as a duo. It opens up a new path for us and a completely new sound, and it has been our outlet for all of our thoughts and emotions. We have put all of our time and the entirety of our souls into this.” – lennixx



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