Swedish electro-pop sensation ORKID delivers infectious new single ‘Sneakers’

One of Sweden’s most prominent rising stars, ORKID, is back with her newest single, ‘Sneakers‘. She is renowned for her dreamy synths, seamless vocals and perceptively poetic lyricism which will draw you in instantly – not to mention her irresistible hooks which will have you grabbed for days. ‘Sneakers‘ captures a clever analogy and feel-good spin in this anthemic, relevant and stimulating electro-pop release. ORKID’s presence within the electro-pop scene has grown exponentially, making waves and playlists internationally having featured in 20+ Spotify New Music playlists all over the world; it’s easy to see why listeners are enamoured already.

“My new single ‘Sneakers’ represents three personal, important messages to live by; ‘never give up, keep grindin’, keep going.’ Walking to school, daydreaming about goals in life, you can hear the no-sayers in your head, and around you, telling you that you’re from a small town, how would you ever be able to reach your expectations? How will you ever be heard? I never really listened to them and stayed on the positive side of things. The sound of ”la la la” is pretty much a translation of the sound I would hear in my head whenever those voices would try to hold me back.” – ORKID


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