Swardy has dropped his debut solo EP ‘Here On My Own’ – out via Mad Zoo.

Swardy has dropped his debut solo EP ‘Here On My Own’ – out via Mad Zoo. You may already be aware of him as a founding member of  The M Machine, the San Francisco based electronic outfit who have racked up millions of streams. The EP follows on from last week’s release of title track “Here On My Own”. The artwork comes courtesy of Matt Forsythe, the lead designer of acclaimed cult TV series ‘Adventure Time’.

The EP opens with ‘Begin At The End’, a sizzling lo-fi number which drifts between various melodic sections. Piano provides a stable base upon which dizzy percussion collides. It segues seamlessly into ‘Here On My Own’, a slightly more uptempo electronic offering which focuses on sampled vocals and staggered synths. Next up is ‘I Remember Maine’, piano comes back into the fore – with Swardy playing a slow burning chord progression surrounded by ambient plucks and glassy melodies. Track 4, ‘Ballyhoo!’, is the most upbeat song from the record, with a hook filled to the brim with energetic keys and driving bass. ‘Ol’ Starpluck’ closes the EP, providing a high point in terms of melody writing – the synths are carefully chosen and weave in and out of each other effortlessly.


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