Chatterbox: We talk to Fare about their bi-coastal process, ‘Had Enough’ and mixing soundscapes

Could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not find out otherwise?

Although we love to work together in person, most of our collaboration is done from opposite ends of the country in Los Angeles and New York. Apple should probably start charging us for the amount of voice memos and demos we’ve hastily sent back and forth via imessage during the songwriting process.

How would you describe the sound you’ve crafted over your last few releases?

In few words, music for your emotional hip flexors. In a little more detail, indie electronic pop that explores the juxtaposition of dark and light woven together in hopes of evoking some strong feeling. We love mixing together dark soundscapes with punchy basslines, hard hitting drums and soulful vocals.

What does the new single draw upon thematically?

Had Enough explores the realization that takes place for many of us who’ve been stuck in a bad relationship that’s just not giving back. When you’re fully committed and your partner dances a fine line between barely interested and looking for the escape hatch, you eventually hit a point where you’ve had enough. Once you take a step back, it can be a pretty blinding realization, but it can be so hard to see when you’re so close to it.

Did the track evolve significantly in the studio from the original demo?

The track definitely evolved in the studio, but we really locked into a groove when we wrote the palm-muted guitar parts. The track already had feel that we loved, but the guitar fused it all together with a bit of funk in what felt like an a-ha moment.

Is it part of a larger project, an EP or album?

We’re building toward a larger release, but that’s a ways out. Our plan is to release a couple more tracks this year while while we continue to build our sound and reach new ears, then something larger in the start of 2019.

What do fans have to look forward to over the next few months?

Definitely the next two singles! We’ve got a lot of great material we’ve been hoarding and we’re excited to finally share it. We can be a little obsessive in that we tend to be in the studio a lot working and reworking ideas, but at some point, it’s much better to know when to let go and share your creative works. We’re trying to get better at that.


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