Seattle’s SOL muses on losing touch in new single ‘If You Don’t Call’

If You Don’t Call is the new record from Seattle-based songwriter SOL. It’s an alt-R&B bump with a big beat and rhythmic vocals. Synths fizz once the chorus breaks, with SOL’s melody opening up into an undeniable hook.

“This song is on some life shit that I think anyone can relate to. We’ve all lost touch with or drifted apart from people we love and had to come to terms with it. The way I deal with it is to write about it, and sing about it from my mountain top. My sister illustrated the artwork, which is in reference to old school London illicit advertising (tart cards). The number in the art is real and the only way people can hear the song at first and the wheat pasting street art campaign surrounding the single has been carried out by my friends and fans in cities all around the world. All of this has made this release super fun and special to me.” – SOL


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